Our Ethos

Here at Elixir we would like to Heal, Nourish & Inspire your Mind, Body & Soul with our range of health foods and natural remedies. 

We believe there are 5 pillars needed for a healthy and fulfilling life:


  • We really are what we eat so we aim for a healthy balanced diet. 


  • Our bodies are designed to be active so we need to find the right kind of movement for us. 


  • Often underrated yet vitally important for all round health

Self Care

  • Learning to put ourselves and our own mental health first 


  • Finding our tribe of people to share the journey - so very important for our wellbeing. 

Everything we do and everything we sell fall into one of these areas. We then make sure that each product is as good for the planet as it is for our bodies.

Proud Members of HealthstoresUK

Elixir Health are members of health store UK. Giveing you assurity that you will recieve expert advice and excellent service..