Solgar Vitamin D3 4000IU - New Permitted High Level

There doesn’t seem a day that vitamin D3 isn't in the news: bone health, protection against osteoporosis, immune system, Alzheimer's disease, insulin secretion, influenza, mood, cardiovascular, rickets, blood pressure regulation, and generally keeping disease at bay.

The primary source of vitamin D in the body is produced by the action of ultra violet radiation from the sun on the skin. As a result of this reliance on sun exposure, vitamin D levels fluctuate throughout the year and studies have identified deficiency as a widespread problem, possibly linked to people spending more time indoors, applying sunscreen and generally avoiding sun exposure. 

Scientists have proposed that the lack of sun exposure (vitamin D) in the winter may be linked with the increased risk of cold and influenza infections during these months. Since soaking up sunshine hasn’t been a reality in the UK or in hot climates (such as Dubai and other Middle-Eastern countries where covering up is important, a simple supplement may help. 

Now Solgar have produced a new HIGHER LEVEL of VITAMIN D3 4000IU in recognition of the body's extra need for this important vitamin.

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