Solgar multivitamin, which one is for me?

Choosing a Solgar multivitamin isn't always easy since there's so many in their range. So we've provided some brief notes to help you make your mind up.
For instance your lifestyle and age may require different nutrient levels - and different ingredients. So Solgar's range of multivitamins could benefit you more if you consider which one is going to do you most good. For that reason there are different Solgar multivitamins for: women, men, pregnancy, during and post menopause, increased bone health, children, vegetarians, seniors and sports people. 

Which Solgar multivitamin is for me? 

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- Solgar Earth Source Multi Nutrient : Contains large amounts of whole food concentrates, digestive enzymes, immune boosters, green superfoods - the lot! Just look at the amazing ingredient list. Suitable for everyone, from students to the elderly. The Rolls Royce of multivitamins. Provides increased nutritional support. 
- Solgar Omnium Multivitamin : Contains large amounts of phytonutrients, that is, plant and vegetable based ingredients, in addition to vitamins and minerals, which are excellent health boosters. Phytonutrients are good replenishers to the body because of their levels of antioxidants and natural food compounds,which are easily digestible. Suitable for everyone, especially those needing extra nourishment. 
- Solgar Female Multiple Multivitamin : Also contains extra iron and good levels of B vitamins to help with menstruation, energy and stress. Suitable from late teen to middle-age. 
- Solgar Male Multiple Multivitamin : Contains less iron than the Female Multiple but good B vitamins and the antioxidant lycopene to help with prostrate health. Suitable from late teen to middle-age. 
- Solgar Vegetarian Multivitamin : A vegetarian multivitamin. 
- Solgar Chelated Solamins Multimineral : A mineral only product. 
- Solgar Formula VM-75 Multivitamin : A high strength one-a-day multivitamin suitable for all age groups. 
- Solgar Formula VM-75 Multivitamin Suitable for Vegans : A high strength one-a-day multivitamin suitable for all age groups. 
- Solgar Formula VM-2000 Multi Nutrient, Multivitamin : A high strength multivitamin suitable for everyone, but particularly active people who require extra support. Easily confused with the Formula VM-75. If you take two of the VM 2000, then it's stronger than the VM-75 but not quite as strong if you only take one. With the VM-2000 the option is to take two if you have been really active and need the extra benefits. 
- Solgar VM Prime For Women : This multivitamin is excellently tailored to help address menopausal changes. 
- Solgar Prenatal Nutrients : This multivitamin is suitable before, during and just after pregnancy. 
- Solgar VM-Prime for over 50's : This multivitamin is perfect for adults over fifty and over. 
- Solgar Kangavites : This multivitamin is suitable for young children. They're tasty and free of the usual nasty ingredients found elswhere! 
With so many multivitamins to choose from, it's easy to see why Solgar is known in the natural product industry as the "Multivitamin Experts." 
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