Solgar Milk Thistle - Liver Health

If you want help with liver detoxication and regeneration, look no further than the wonderful herb, Milk Thistle. Silymarin, the key active compound in Milk Thistle, is one of the most potent liver protective substances known.

Some party-goers, rightly or wrongly, nickname it the "hangover" herb, in which case if you're socialising and drinking alcohol, it is a very useful preparation to take afterwards. 
Silymarin, the active ingredient, of Milk Thistle, has been shown to increase glutgathione production in the liver by around 30%, so increasing Milk Thistle's detoxification capabilities greatly. 
So, if you're hoping to detox or diet, consider taking Milk Thistle, as part of your cleansing regime. Because of it's helping with skin cell replication and anti-inflammatory effect Milk Thistle is often used to help treat psoriasis. 
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