Sleeplessness - A Vogel Passiflora Complex

One crisis of modern living is the pace at which we live: Slowing down is beyond most of us since there's just too much to do, in too little time. Or so it seems. 
Consequently, a growing number of people come into our store complaining that they can't sleep at night. Either it's a problem nodding off, or else it's typically waking up at three in the morning. Ironically, some sleep disturbances have little to do with what's happening at night, so much as over-stimulation during the day. 
If we could slow our bodies down more and find time to relax at work, at home, on holiday, wherever, there'd be less to agitate us in the bedroom. Easier said than done, I know. Passiflora Complex is a natural nerve relaxant and a useful remedy to take during the day. And it's just that anti-anxiety effect that explains why it's so popular for insomnia and useful for getting those sleep patterns back again. Mercifully it's not addictive and it’s free of side effects, although it's not to be combined with antidepressants or tranquillisers. 
In any event if there's other medication being used, always let your health care practitioner know you're taking natural medicine. 
My other all time recommendation for modern living is a good B Complex. It's a building block of anything else I might take because it covers all bases: It supports the nervous system (stress and anxiety), good for hair, skin, nails, heart, eyes, memory, energy, hormone balance - the list goes on. Combine with Passiflora and you're a good way at dealing with that sleeplessness.