Naturally Enhancing Male Fertility


Mum’s been taking Folic Acid and DHA, Calcium and Vitamin D3 for months, but what is there that Dad can do to give the little one an optimal start? Many would think that nutrition begins in the womb, but what if it starts even earlier, and somewhere else entirely?! It takes two to tangle and luckily Viridian have developed a product for hopefully expectant fathers to take right alongside their partner in crime.

All being well making your tiny human will be easy, but those who do encounter stumbling blocks will attest to it being one of the most stressful things a couple can experience. If this is you, feel free to pop in and see us for a friendly and frank chat.

Difficulties on his side could arise from a “combination of stress, pollution, [being] excessively warm, tight underwear and poor diet”*, says Dame Dr Shirley Bond, A GP who specialises in hormonal health and fertility. (Side note: the ideal temperature for human testicles is lower than average body temperature, which is why they are on the outside of the body!)

As well as attention to the above factors and looking at lifestyle and diet, Viridian Nutrition suggests that men preparing for fatherhood could benefit from taking Fertility for Men Veg Caps.

They contain a combination of 14 nutrients including selenium, zinc, arginine, carnitine and vitamin D, that help to promote sperm quality, as well as to reduce oxidative stress. In other words, the sperm improve in resilience, strength and numbers, and the environment in the body becomes better equipped to house and release them.

The average healthy man releases around 50 million sperm in every ejaculation, and of all those millions only a few hundred will make it to a fertilisation-ready egg. So, it is really important to maximise the health of those swimmers. Imagine tiny Duncan Scott’s.

Returning to lifestyle, amazing results have been found by increasing relaxation and sleep, as well as from cutting down on (or cutting out) caffeine, alcohol, and smoking. Morning as opposed to night-time sex is recommended too, as sperm count is generally higher in the morning. Have fun and good luck!  

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