Natural nootropic unveiled as the super ingredient for 2024 by Viridian

In celebrating nature’s positive influence to our health, Brahmi has been named 2024 Viridian Ingredient of the Year by ethical vitamin company Viridian Nutrition.

Each year, experts at Viridian Nutrition forecast a nutrient or herb which will be especially significant in the field of nutrition and health in the year ahead. 

“For 2024, the natural nootropic, Brahmi has been chosen because of its considerable importance to cognitive health,” explains Viridian Head Nutritionist, Aimee Benbow. “We have connected with medical professionals, nutritionists and herbalists internationally and collectively it is considered that the issues of cognition and memory are of such magnitude, an ingredient that shows promise in this area is worthy of celebration.”



Why Brahmi?

Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), also known as the herb of grace, has featured in Ayurvedic traditions to naturally help improve concentration and memory. It’s known to provide support in the following areas:

  • A natural nootropic for an active mind
  • Researched for improving cognition and memory enhancing effects
  • Studied for reducing anxiety
  • May aid mild cognitive impairment
  • Can support ADHD

Today, the herb, classed as a ‘nootropic’, continues to draw attention with research confirming its memory-enhancing and anxiety reducing effects. A nootropic (from the Greek ‘noos’ and ‘tropein’ meaning ‘thinking’ and ‘to guide’) is a class of therapeutics known to enhance brain performance, thinking and learning especially when impaired in the patient. The mechanism of Brahmi works by increasing the presence of acetylcholine, a natural substance in the nervous system which can enhance cognitive processing, attention and memory. Studies have shown the optimal amount is 300mg and improvements can be noted from 4-8 weeks.

Natural vs synthetic nootropics

A natural nootropic will inherently feature other additional benefits; synergistic elements within the plant that offer supplementary support. For example, Brahmi contains a high amount of naturally occurring antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the cells and tissues of the brain from oxidative damage. Natural nootropics, such as Brahmi will also have lower toxicity than chemical synthetics and fewer contraindications. In fact, Brahmi has no known contraindications.

The importance of brain health

The brain has an essential role in controlling many key body functions but can be at risk of several diseases such as dementia and mental and neurological conditions. According to a report, the number of people with dementia in the UK is forecast to increase to over 1 million by 2021 and over 2 million by 2051. (Dementia UK report | Alzheimer's Society)



Brahmi’s long history of traditional use in modern human research looks promising. Brahmi offers encouraging potential for slowing down the progression of age-related diseases in the area of brain health. Brahmi helps to maintain good cognitive function, maintain memory with age decline and to preserve cognitive function. It also contributes to normal blood circulation associated with brain performance.

The view from the experts

“For a long time, the role of nutrition in mental and cognitive health was overlooked,” explains Aimee Benbow, Head Nutritionist at Viridian. “However, now, as the importance of supporting the brain via nutrition is recognised by healthcare professionals and the general public alike, Brahmi is helping more people to maintain good cognitive function.”

Medical doctor Dr Tamsin Lewis: “Brahmi extract has been a game changer in terms of enhancing memory, focus and overall cognition.”

Dale Pinnock BSc & PgDip (Nutr Med), author, chef, herbalist & nutritionist:  "Brahmi is a nutrient that I have known about for many years but has become increasingly prominent as I’ve become more interested in nootropics which have the capacity to improve or enhance cognitive function and assist in improving mental wellness.”

Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham: “Brahmi, also known as Bacopa is hot and getting hotter. Used for centuries in India's system of Ayurveda, Brahmi demonstrates significant value in sharpening the mind and enhancing overall mental acuity. It's a wonderful time-honoured botanical, backed by significant modern science and excellent safety."  

To help raise awareness of the beneficial impact of Brahmi, Viridian is running a nutritional education programme via specialist independent health food stores. Our team of qualified nutritionists will be sharing human research evidence to support its functions and rolling out a training campaign. The knowledge will also be shared with the general population through videos and blogs.


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