Head Lice – They don’t have to be a Head Scratcher

Back to school means lots of things to lots of people, a combination of excitement, nerves and dread. With much (justified) concern about increased social contact meaning a greater risk of COVID infection, it could be easy to overlook that other easily transmitted plague of the autumn term – head lice.

Head lice are tiny, wingless insects. They are greyish brown, have six legs and are about the size of a sesame seed when full grown. Female head lice attach their miniscule eggs at the root of hair follicles, hatching a week to ten days later. After roughly ten more days these new lice begin laying their own eggs. Full disclosure here, sorry.

The best way to prevent head lice spreading is to check your whole family's heads regularly and treat them as soon as live lice are found. There is no need to treat bed linen, towels or hats with insecticides, as lice can’t survive away from the scalp and only pass from person to person by head-to-head contact. 

Delacet Herbal Head Lice Solution is an herbal head lice treatment that kills the lice and the eggs without the need for a combing marathon, hugely preferable to non-herbal treatments, which are basically insecticides containing harmful organophosphates. Delacet is a dual action extract of Larkspur and Ascetic Acid (the ‘good’ acid found in vinegar) and has been used successfully for over forty years, with proven effectiveness after one use. 

Be prepared this school term and stock up on your Delacet Herbal Head Lice Treatment – find it on our website or pop into Elixir any time.